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Miscellaneous Functions for Processing and Sample Selection of Spectroscopic Data

binningSignal binning
bitANDbitwise operations
blockNormSum of squares block weighting
blockScaleHard or soft block scaling
cochranTestCochran _C_ Test
continuumRemovalContinuum Removal
CulCochran C critical value
detrendDetrending spectral data
duplexDUPLEX algorithm for calibration sampling
e2mA function for transforming a matrix from its Euclidean space...
fastDistA fast distance algorithm for two matrices written in C++
fastDistVA fast distance algorithm for a matrix and a vector written...
gapDerGap-Segment derivative
get_nircal_commentsget the comments of the spectra in the nircal file
get_nircal_descriptionget the description of the spectra in the nircal file
get_nircal_indicesget the positions of relevant data witihi the nircal file
get_nircal_lengthspcget the number of spectral variables in the nircaa file
get_nircal_metadataget the metadata of the samples in the nircal file
get_nircal_responseget the response variables in the nircal file
get_nircal_spectraget the spectra in the nircal file
honigsHonigs algorithm for calibration sampling
kenStoneKennard-Stone algorithm for calibration sampling
movavMoving average
mscMultiplicative Scatter Correction (msc)
naesk-means sampling
prospectr-packageOverview of the functions in the prospectr package
puchweinPuchwein algorithm for calibration sampling
readASDRead ASD FieldSpec Pro binary and ASCII files
read_nircalImport BUCHI NIRCal files
resampleResample spectral data
resample2Resample a high resolution signal to a low resolution signal...
resample_fwhmResample to given band position and fwhm
savitzkyGolaySavitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation
shenkWestSELECT algorithm for calibration sampling
spliceCorrectionSplice correction of a spectral matrix acquired with an ASD...
sqrtSmSquare root of (square) symetric matrices
standardNormalVariateStandard normal variate transformation
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