Man pages for langfob/docaids
Package For Helping Document Local Variables In R

bump_global_ctr_for_cur_funcIncrement a global counter specific to the current function
close_open_subsection_if_necessaryWrite closing brackets for previous subsection if open...
decode_block_startStart new function block and clean up previous block if...
doc_vars_in_this_funcDocument variables and their types that are visibile inside...
doc_vars_in_this_func_onceDocument function's variables a limited number of times
finish_upClean up any subsection left open when end of file is found
generate_func_var_roxygen_comments_from_fileParse and convert text generated by doc_vars_in_this_func()...
generate_func_var_roxygen_comments_from_vecParse and convert text generated by doc_vars_in_this_func()...
get_first_token_type_of_lineGet type of first token on the line
remove_global_ctrs_if_desiredRemove temporary global counters if desired
state_transitionParse reduced input text array and write outputs depending on...
stop_due_to_unexpected_tokenQuit since an unexpected token was found
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