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Google Sheets API R library

Reads and writes Google Sheets using Google Sheets API v4. This is an R package originated from autogenerated via googleAuthR's Discovery API builder. The Google Documentation for this API is here. are published.


This package is compatible with authentication method of googleAuthR package. It is recommendation to:

  1. Create your own Google API project and setup a OAuth2.0 credentials:
  2. Put the following to .Rprofile under your project directory
    googleAuthR.client_id = "your_client_id",
    googleAuthR.client_secret = "your_client_id",
    googleAuthR.httr_oauth_cache = ".httr-oauth",
    googleAuthR.scopes.selected = c('', '', '', '')
  1. Set the appropriate scopes above if your are also using other Google API Services. Check googleAuthR packages for more details.

  2. Run the code below:



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