Man pages for larmarange/prevR
Estimating Regional Trends of a Prevalence from a DHS an object of class prevR into a data.frame.
as.prevRCreate an object of class prevR.
as.SpatialGridCreate a spatial grid from an object of class prevR.
changeproj-prevR-methodConvert map projection of a object of class prevR.
create.boundaryProvide national boundaries of a country.
direct.label_prevRDirect label on a ggplot object
export-prevR-methodExport an object of class prevR.
fdhsFictitious data generated by a DHS simulation.
import.dhsImport DHS data.
is.prevRTest if an object is of class prevR. This function test if...
kde-prevR-methodKernel density estimation for prevR object.
krige-ANY-prevR-methodSpatial interpolation (kriging and inverse distance...
NA.outside.SpatialPolygonsAffect NA value to points located outside a polygon.
NoptimSuggested optimal value for N
plot-prevR-missing-methodPlot object of class prevR. if a point falls within a given polygon.
prevR-classObjects of class prevR.
prevR.colorsContinuous color palettes.
prevR-packageEstimating regional trends of a prevalence from a DHS.
print-prevR-methodSummary of a prevR object.
quick.prevRQuick prevR analysis and plot
rings-prevR-methodCalculation of rings of equal number of observation and/or...
show-prevR-methodSummary of a prevR object.
summary-prevR-methodDetailed summary of the variables of a prevR object
theme_prevRprevR themes for ggplot2
TMWorldBordersDataset "TM World Borders Dataset 0.3".
xyz2dataframeConvert a surface in xyz to a data frame.
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