Man pages for laurenhsu1/corral
Correspondence Analysis for Single Cell Data

add_embeddings2scelistAdd embeddings to list of SCEs
biplot_corralGenerate biplot for corral object
compsvdcompsvd: Compute Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
corralcorral: Correspondence analysis on a single matrix
corralmMulti-table correspondence analysis (list of matrices)
corral_preprocPreprocess a matrix for SVD to perform Correspondence...
earthmover_distEarthmover distance (and general Wasserstein distance)
get_pct_var_exp_svdCompute percent of variance explained
get_weightsGet weights
list2matList to Matrix
na2zeroSet na to 0
obs2probsObservations -> discrete probabilities
pairwise_rvPairwise rv coefficient
plot_embeddingPlot selected PCs from an embedding
plot_embedding_scePlot selected PCs from an embedding saved in a...
rvrv coefficient
scal_varGenerate a scaled variance plot for an integrative embedding
scal_var_matGenerate a matrix of the scaled variance values
sce2matlistSingleCellExperiment to list of matrices
trim_matdistTrim extreme values in a pre-processed matrix
var_stabilizeApply a variance stabilizing transformation
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