Man pages for lawinslow/nldastools
Simple interface to online NLDAS data

driver_add_burnin_yearsDuplicate n years of initial data
driver_add_rainAdd rain to specific month
driver_nldas_debias_airt_swDebias a driver dataset using NLDAS
driver_nldas_wind_debiasDebias NLDAS wind
driver_saveSave a driver data.frame to a temporary file
get_cordex_localGet CORDEX driver data
get_isimip_localExtract ISIMIP drivers from local netcdf cache
get_local_storageReturn local storage path
get_primary_forcing_localGet primary forcing data from local cache
get_primary_forcing_local_multitoolFast multi-lat/lon driver lookup
nldas2_primary_forcing_rodsGet NLDAS primary forcing data
set_local_storageSet local storage path
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