Man pages for laziob/fbradsmod
Analyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R

fbad_add_audienceAdd people to a custom FB audience
fbad_check_curl_paramsRun basic checks on curl get/post parameters
fbad_check_fbaccCheck if provided or previously initialized R object is a...
fbad_create_adCreate ad
fbad_create_adsetCreate Ad Set
fbad_create_audienceCreate a new FB custom audience
fbad_create_campaignCreated Ad Campaign
fbad_create_creativeCreate an ad creative
fbad_create_imageUpload image
fbad_create_lookalike_audienceCreate a new FB lookalike audience similar to an already...
fbad_delete_audienceDelete a FB custom audience
fbad_get_adaccount_detailsGet details for a Facebook Ads Account
fbad_get_adaccountsGet account details belonging to eg an Ad or Business Manager...
fbad_get_pixelsGet tracking pixels of eg an Ad or Business Manager Account
fbad_get_searchFB Search API Querying
fbad_initInitiate Facebook Account with OAuth token
fbad_insights_get_async_resultsWait for and get asynchronous report results
fbad_list_adList all Ads for current account, list of Ad Sets or...
fbad_list_adsetList all Ad Sets for current account or Ad Campaign(s)
fbad_list_audienceList all Custom Audiences for Ad account
fbad_list_campaignList all Ad Campaigns for current account
fbad_preview_adPreview ad
fbad_reachestimateQuery for reach estimate for given targeting spec
fbad_read_adRead ad details
fbad_read_adsetRead Ad Set details
fbad_read_audienceRead metadata on a FB custom audience
fbad_read_campaignRead Ad Campaign details
fbad_read_creativeRead ad creative
fbad_remove_audienceAdd people from a custom FB audience
fbad_requestGet results of a synchronous query from FB graph API
fbad_request_next_pageFetch the content of the URL and return JSON
fbad_share_audienceShare a FB custom audience with other accounts
fbad_update_adUpdate ad
fbad_update_adsetUpdate Ad Set
fbad_update_campaignUpdate Ad Campaign
fb_api_most_recent_versionReturns the most recent version of the supported Facebook...
fb_api_versionReturns the currently used version of the Facebook Marketing...
fbRadsfbRads package
fromJSONishValidates and fixes some JSON issues, eg removing newlines...
is.FB_Ad_AccountChecks if object is a valid initialized connection to the...
print.FB_Ad_AccountPrint method for custom fbRads class
this_function_nameReturn the name of the parent function
url_parseParse Facebook URL without bringing in another dependency....
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