Man pages for lbartnik/experiment
Interactive History in R

browserAddinRStudio AddIn function.
commitCreates a new commit object.
compareCompare models.
energyElectric energy usage for 3 smart meters.
graphGraph of all commits in 'store'.
internal_object_storeManage object stores.
internal_stateGlobal state of the tracker.
plot_as_svgReturns a base64-encoded, SVG plot.
queryQuery the current history.
query_internalOperations on steps.
restoreRestore a snapshot from history.
resultA single result.
resultsA set (list) of results.
simulate_london_metersSimulations and examples.
stepsInteractive history.
steps_internalTransform a graph of commits into a graph of steps.
store_environmentRemoves references to environments.
svg_equalCompare two SVG images.
task_callbackA callback run after each top-level expression is evaluated.
tracker_replayRepeat a sequence of commands.
trackingTurn tracking on or off
write_commitWrite commit to an object store.
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