Man pages for lbraglia/lbstat
Miscellaneous Stat-Related Utils

bivariate_tablesDispatcher for (qualitative/quantitative) bivariate tables...
biv_mrA wrapper around biv_perc lightly optimized for multiple...
biv_percPercentages table for 0-1 variables
biv_qualiBivariate table for categorical data.
biv_quantBivariate table for a main quantitative vector
descA vector of common descriptive statistics for quantitative...
fisher_neededIs Fisher's exact test needed
kurtosiskurtosis calculator
pretty_modelpretty print a statistical model
quant_densityPlot kernel density estimates for quantitative variable of a...
skewnessskewness calculator
TableCross tabulation and table creation
univariate_tablesDispatcher for (qualitative/quantitative) univariate tables...
univ_mrA wrapper around univ_perc lightly optimized for multiple...
univ_percPercentages table for 0-1 variables
univ_qualiUnivariate table for categorical data.
univ_quantUnivariate table for quantitative data.
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