Man pages for lbraglia/yapomif
Yet another package of misc functions

addCartesianSystemAdd cartesian system to a plot
addGridAdd grid to a plot
avgSurvModel-based adjusted survival curves.
blockrand2randlistCreate a randomization list from a list of blockrand...
bmiCalculate Body Mass Index
censorAtCensor time to event end point at a certain time.
chi_or_fisher_testperform Chi-square or Fisher test as appropriate
ClassExtract class smartly
col2hexReturn an hex color
commaChar2NumericConvert a char with comma to a numeric
CommentPrint a message inside an Ascii border
compareColumnsCompare columns progressively
cramerVCramer's V calculator.
cutoffDACalculate diagnostic accuracy measures for several cutoffs of...
daCalculate diagnostic accuracy measures for binary measures...
dadbGenerate a data.frame of diagnostic accuracy study.
dateMDYCreate a 'Date' from month, day and year.
datePlusAdd a period of time to a Date object
DaysExtract numeric days of month from a 'Date', 'POSIXct' or...
daysToMonthsTrivial function that converts number of days in number of...
daysToYearsTrivial function that converts number of days in number of...
dir_cleanRemove all files in a directory.
dummyGenerate a data.frame of dummy variables given a vector
DuplicatedDetermine all duplicate elements
encapsulateEncapsulate text between margins.
eng_maximaA maxima engine for knitr
enSummaryEnhanced summary
fisherNeededIs fisher test needed
fupCompletenessCalculate C index of of follow up completenes
getAccessTableRetrieve an MS Access (R) table from an 'mdb' or 'accdb'...
getExcelSheetRetrieve an MS Excel (R) sheet from an 'xls' or 'xlsx' file.
grapes-inRange-grapesCheck if in range
groupProgIDGroup progressive id creator
hintSuggest some available methods about and object
HoursExtract numeric hours of month from a POSIXct or POSIXlt...
inchesTranslates from cm (centimeters) to inches.
is_uniquecheck if a object is unique
kmPlots an 'enhanced' Kaplan-Meier plot, with base graphics...
makePathPath-function generator.
MinutesExtract numeric minutes of month from a POSIXct or POSIXlt...
MonthsExtract numeric months of the year from a Date, POSIXct or...
NAreportReport NA variables per case
ninInverse Value Matching
pairsWithLowessScatterplot Matrices with a lowess smoother
preprocessVarnamesPreprocess data.frame variable names
prettyPvalPretty print for p-values
quickROCA quick ROC plot.
recodeVector recode utility
rmAccentsRemove accents from a character vector
rmSpacesRemove spaces from a character vector
rmUnprintableCharsRemove unprintable chars
setup_errorsDescriptive statistics for setup errors in radiotherapy
showColShow R colors for graphics and grid package
showPchShow 'pch'
sirCIExact CI (and estimate) for SIR/SMR
smartyMRSplitterSmarty Multiple Response Splitter
TableCross tabulation and table creation
to_00_charTransform an integer vector to a character prefixed by an...
tteepCommon time to event end-points calculator.
univTableUnivariate table with absolute, relative, cumulative...
unoconvUnoconv file converter from R
update_packagesupdate package shortcut
viewAlternative to View that uses openXL
withoutRemove elements from a vector, chosing from another vector
write_delimWrite a tab separated file with "." as decimal separator.
write_delim2Write a tab separated file with "," as decimal separator.
write_sasSlightly enhanced writeForeignSAS
xlxpFaster export with openxlsx
xtable_descriptivesPretty print data.frame summary in xtables
xtileCut numeric x in quantile
yapomifYet another package of misc functions
YearsExtract numeric years from a Date, POSIXct or POSIXlt vector.
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