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Testing Polygons Spatial Association

kareaK_{1,2} - area-based adaptation for polygons - 2
kdistK_{1,2} - distance-based adaptation for polygons 2
limits_to_spLimits to Spatial
make_guardMake Guard
mc_iterationspsat_mc - auxiliar function
pipePipe operator
pk_area12K_{1,2} - area-based adaptation for polygons - Modified
pk_dist12K_{1,2} - distance-based adaptation for polygons
plot.psa_testPLot method for 'psa_test'
PolyDistPoly dist3 C
poly_rfPolygons' Random Shift
poly_rf2Polygons' Random Shift - 2
poly_shiftCreate copies of a set of polygons
poly_shift_noidCreate copies of a set of polygons
poly_touchPolygons that touch a bbox
print.psa_testPrint method for 'psa_test'
psamPolygons' Spatial Association Measure
psa_pk12Class of the output from 'psat_mc' when the test statistic is...
psa_psamClass of the output from 'psat_mc' when the test statistic is...
psa_testClass of the output from 'psat_mc'
psat_mcPolygons Spatial Association Test
psat_mc2Polygons Spatial Association Test - new
shift_auxAuxiliar function
sp_ID_distDistance Matrix - ID
sp_ID_hausHausdorff Distance Matrix - ID
sp_ID_haus2Hausdorff Distance Matrix - ID (Method 2)
summary.psa_testSummary method for 'psa_test'
theme_tpsa'ggplo2' theme for 'tpsa'
torus_corrToroidal edge correction
tpsatpsa: A package for testing polygons spatial association.
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