Man pages for ldbk/fishPifct
fishPi functions

agelenPlotPlots age given length from csPi, csData
areasAreas dataframe
ASFISThe FAO ASFIS species lists.
consistencyCheck the consistency between the slots of a csPi object
COSTPkReturn key fields for a given COST data structure.
csAggregateSplits the fishPi CS object into subsets, computes summary...
csDataTocsPiConvert from COST CS data structure to fishPi CS structure.
csformat.xlsxCS format definition
csMapThis function map a variable from a slot from a csPi object
csPicsPi class description
csSubsetSubset a fishPi CS object.
exportExport csPi or csData object in excel, csv or SQLite files.
exportcsvExport a S4 object in multiple csv files. The csv files are...
exportdbExport an S4 object to a SQLite database.
exportxlsxExport a S4 object in an excel file.
fishPifctfishPi project utilities functions
format_definition_csPi.rdatacsPi structure in rdata format
format_definition_csPi.xlsxcsPi structure in excel format
format_RCM_MedBsLpFormat definition for RCM Med & BS & LP
fpKeyReturn a string key composed by specified columns of a given...
generateClassesFind the fishPi class from the excel definition file.
getCsJoinTableFind the fishPi or CS tables to join to get all specified...
ICESAreaRectsICES statistical rectangles and division
ices_areasICES statistical area
ices_areas_dfICES statistical area
importImport csPi or csData data from an excel file or csv file.
importcsvImport a list of csv file into a list
importxlsxImport an excel file into a list Excel's sheets name defined...
lengthHistPlots a length frequency histogram from csData
mapicesrectThis function map a variable defined on ICES statistical...
mergecsPiAdds parent variables to the child records of a csPi object.
metier2vslTypeThis function compute vessel type according to metier and...
outliersOutliers detection on a variable using the adjusted...
readCodeListFromXlsRead code lists definitions from a xlsx file.
readFormatDbFromXlsRead a format definition from a xlsx def file.
reftabletypeReference table for the vessel type
renderValidationReportBuild a PDF or a HTML report on a data validation against a...
sole.csSole commercial sampling data
speciesSpecies names and WoRMS codes.
validateBioValidate data against a format definition.
validateDataValidate data against a format definition.
whatFishNames and codes for fish species
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