Man pages for lebebr01/SPSStoR
Convert SPSS Syntax to R Syntax

agg_exampAggregate SPSS Example
aggregate_to_rAggregate to R
compute_to_rCompute to R
correlations_to_rCorrelations to R
corr_exampCorrelation SPSS Example
crosstab_exampCrosstab SPSS Example
crosstabs_to_rCrosstab to R
define_to_rDefine to R
desc_exampDescriptive SPSS Example
descmatDescriptives Matrix function
descriptives_to_rDescriptives to R
dorepeat_to_rDo Repeat to R
filehandle_to_rFile Handle to R
freq_exampFrequencies SPSS Example
frequencies_to_rFrequencies to R
getdata_to_rGet Data to R
get_desc_exampGet/Descriptives SPSS Example
get_exampGet SPSS Example
get_to_rGet to R
graph_exampGraph SPSS Example
graph_to_rGraphics to R
if_to_rIf to R
matchfiles_to_rMatch Files to R
minnesotaYearly College Football Data for University of Minnesota
missingvalues_to_rMissing Values to R
oneway_to_rOneway to R
print.rsyntaxPrints a rsyntax object
recode_to_rRecode to R
regression_to_rRegression to R
renamevariables_to_rRename Variables to R
run_shinyRun Shiny Application Demo
save_to_rSave to R
selectif_to_rSelect if to R
semeanStandard error for the mean
sort_case_exampSort Cases SPSS Example
sortcases_to_rSort Cases to R
spss_to_rMaster SPSS to R function
ttest_exampT-Test SPSS Example
ttest_to_rT-test to R
unianova_to_rUnianova to R
valuelabels_to_rValue Labels to R
value_lab_exampValue Label SPSS Example
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