Man pages for lebebr01/simglm
Simulate Models Based on the Generalized Linear Model

corr_variablesFunction to correlate variables
cross_classCross Classified Generation
data_glm_nestedGenerate logistic regression outcome
data_glm_nested3Simulates three level nested data with a single third level...
data_glm_singleGenerate logistic regression outcome
data_reg_nestedSimulates two level nested data
data_reg_nested3Simulates three level nested data with a single third level...
data_reg_singleSimulates single level data
desireVarComputes mixture normal variance
dropout_missingDropout Missing Data
mar_missingMissing at Random
missing_dataMaster Missing Data Function
random_missingRandom Missing Data
rbimodSimulating mixture normal distributions
run_shinyRun Shiny Application Demo
sim_continuousSimulate continuous variables
sim_err_nestedFunction that simulates errors.
sim_err_singleFunction that simulates errors.
sim_factorSimulate categorical, factor, or discrete variables
sim_fixef_nestedSimulates design matrix.
sim_fixef_nested3Simulates design matrix.
sim_fixef_singleSimulates design matrix for single level model.
simglmsimglm: A package to simulate and perform power by simulation...
sim_glmMaster generalized simulation function.
sim_glm_nestedSimulate two level logistic regression model
sim_glm_nested3Function to simulate three level nested data
sim_glm_singleSimulation single level logistic regression model
sim_knotSimulate knot locations
sim_powMaster power simulation function.
sim_pow_glmMaster power simulation function for glm models.
sim_pow_glm_nestedPower simulation for nested designs
sim_pow_glm_nested3Power simulation for nested designs
sim_pow_glm_singleFunction to simulate power.
sim_pow_nestedPower simulation for nested designs
sim_pow_nested3Power simulation for nested designs
sim_pow_singleFunction to simulate power.
sim_rand_effFunction to simulate random effects.
sim_regMaster continuous simulation function.
sim_reg_nestedFunction to simulate nested data
sim_reg_nested3Function to simulate three level nested data
sim_reg_singleMaster function to simulate single level data.
varcov_randeffFunction to create random effect variance-covariance matrices
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