Man pages for ledbettc/CIDAtools
This package contains tools for CIDA projects

convertIntervalNotationConvert Interval Notation
CreateReadMeCreate files
findnearestFind the nearest observation to another observation
MissingContInternal functions for returning the number of missing for...
nLevelsPGet pretty number of levels
nrowPGet pretty numbers of rows
ProjectAnalystGet Project Analyst
ProjectNameGet Project Name
ProjectPIGet PI Name
read.xlsx.withcolorRead in xlsx with fill colour
removeAnalystRemove Default Analyst from ~/.Rprofile
returnRowThese are internal functions for returning the correct rows...
RoundRound and don't drop trailing zeros
setAnalystSet Default Analyst Value
setPermanentAnalystSet Default Analyst Value
SetProjectAnalystSet Project Analyst
SetProjectDataSet data for project
SetProjectNameSet Project Name
SetProjectPISet PI Name
sum_ignore_NASum ignoring NAs
Table1Create a table one
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