Man pages for leekgroup/fdrreg
Science-wise false discovery rate and proportion of true null hypotheses estimation

BMI_GIANT_GWAS_sampleSubset of SNPs from meta-analysis of BMI GWAS study.
calculateSwfdrCalculate the science-wise FDR (swfdr)
check_classcheck if an object is of a certain class
check_dfvalidate degrees of freedom.
check_lambdavalidate lambda. They must be numeric, finite, sorted with...
check_pvalidate pvalues. They must be finite, in range [0,1]
check_Xvalidate matrix of covariates. It must be compatible with a...
compose.statsCompose a two line report about a numeric vector
compound.messageCompose and output a compound message and output
fit_linearFit response values using a linear regression
fit_logisticFit response values using a binomial/logit model
get.componentsGet a set intersection, but when second set is null default...
get_number_decimalsGet number of decimals (i.e. return total number of digits...
journals_pValsP-values from abstracts from articles in 5 biomedical...
lm_pi0Estimation of pi0, proportion of p-values consistent with a...
lm_qvalueCompute qvalues taking into account a matrix of covariates
optimize.multiplierrecursive internal function to find an optimal value of...
print.lm_pi0Display a summary of object lm_pi0
print.lm_qvalueDisplay a summary of an lm_qvalue object
regularize.intervalForce a set of values in a regular interval
smooth.spline.pi0Fit smoothing splines to several curves
summary.lm_pi0Display a summary of object lm_pi0
summary.lm_qvalueDisplay a summary of object lm_qvalue
unit.splineFit smoothing unit spline to one curve
unit.spline.matrixConstruct a transformation matrix for a unit spline
unit.spline.pi0Fit smoothing unit splines to several curves
v2sHelper to create a single string by concatenating items from...
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