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Retrieve a user (lover)


Retrieve a lover (user) or set of lovers from the COLOURlovers API.


cllovers(set = NULL, ..., fmt = "xml")

cllover(user, comments = FALSE, fmt = "xml")



Optionally, a subset of COLOURlovers palettes. Allowed values are “new” and “top”.


A named list of parameters passed to the API request. Allowed parameters are orderCol, sortBy, numResults, and resultOffset. Specifying orderCol overrules any argument to set. See details.


A format for the API response, one of “xml” (the default) or “json”. This has essentially no effect on function behavior.


The COLOURlovers username for a specific user.


A boolean indicating whether to include the last ten comments for the user. Default is FALSE.


Retrieve details about a COLOURlovers user or users.

Specifying named arguments to ... allows the user to request a specific response, as follows:

  • orderCol: A character string containing a sort criterion. One of “dateCreated”, “score”, “name”, “numVotes”, “numViews”.

  • sortBy: A character string containing either “ASC” (for ascending by the orderCol criterion, the default) or “DSC” (for descending).

  • numResults: A numeric value indicating the number of results to return, with a maximum of 100. Default is 20.

  • resultOffset: A numeric value indicating the page of results to return, with page size specified in the numResults argument.


A list of class “cllover”, including details about one or more users. This should be the same regardless of the value of fmt.


Thomas J. Leeper



## Not run: 
# Retrieve top users
cllovers(set = 'top', fmt = 'json')

# Retrieve a single user
cllover('COLOURlovers', fmt = 'json')

## End(Not run)

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