Man pages for leeper/ggparliament
Parliament Plots

calc_coordinatesA function that calculates the coordinates of parliamentary...
draw_majoritythresholdDraw majority threshold
draw_partylabelsDraw labels for political parties and seats per party
draw_totalseatsDraw total number of seats in the middle of the parliament
election_dataElection data from 5 countries
geom_emphasize_parliamentariansEmphasize certain parliamentarians (for example, female...
geom_highlight_governmentHighlight governments or parties in control of the...
geom_overhang_seatsDraw overhang seats in mixed-member proportional (MMP)...
geom_parliament_barAdd a bar showing proportion of seats by party in parliament
geom_parliament_seatsParliament seats The parliament seats geom is used for...
parliament_dataA function that prepares data for parliamentary plots
theme_ggparliamentA theme for ggparliament
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