#' @name rite-package
#' @docType package
#' @title The Right Editor to Write R
#' @description A simple, but powerful script editor for R, built with tcl/tk. \code{\link{rite}} helps ease new R users' transition to R, a major rite of passage.
#' \code{\link{rite}} is designed to substitute for the built-in script editor provided by R and improve upon it by offering functionality more commonly found in standalone editors and IDEs (e.g., syntax highlighting, command completion, shortcut keys, find and go-to-line commands, direct acces R help files, etc.), as well as an optional output viewer that eliminates the need to toggle between the script editor and the R console (and that additionally facilitates integration with \code{knitr}.
#' @author Thomas J. Leeper
#' Maintainer: Thomas J. Leeper <[email protected]>
#' @keywords package 
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