Man pages for leeper/rwebvis
Create graphics for the web from R.

append.paramUsed in pv...
collapseA simplied version of paste.
esseChecks whether something exists.
field.existsChecks whether a field exists in a dataset.
getHeadReturn the head html.
getTailReturn the tail html.
is.webvisChecks whether something is a webvis object.
is.webvis.flatChecks whether something is a webvis...
is.webvis.paramChecks whether something is a webvis...
new.webvisCreate a new webvis object to store each layer of the...
plot.webvisSimplified plot function for web vis plots.
pv.areaAdd a bar to the visualization.
pv.barAdd a bar to the visualization.
pv.chartAdd a chart to the visualization.
pv.dataConverts R data into Protovis data.
pv.datasetAdd a dataset as a variable to the visualization.
pv.dotAdd a dot to the visualization.
pv.imageAdd an image to the visualization.
pv.labelAdd a label to the visualization.
pv.lineAdd a line to the visualization.
pv.markGeneric function for all Protovis mark types.
pv.panelA protovis panal.
pv.paramA protovis mark parameter.
pv.parseTakes a parameter and a webvis object and parses them.
pv.ruleAdd an rule to the visualization.
pv.scaleA scaling function for protovis.
pv.wedgeAdd a wedge to the visualization (for pie charts, etc).
render.webvisCreate the final visualization from the webvis object.
unfold.webvisUnfolds the visualization tree structure into a flat form.
webvisAdd a new layers to a visualization.
webvis-packageWeb graphics for R.
webvis.themeCreates a theme to be used by a webvis chart object.
webvisToHTMLConvert webvis to HTML.
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