Man pages for leighseverson/purexposure
Pull and Calculate Exposure to CA Pesticide Use Registry Records

calculate_exposureCalculate exposure to active ingredients present in applied...
california_shpCalifornia state SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object.
chemical_listCalifornia Pesticide Use Report chemical codes.
county_codesCalifornia Pesticide Use Report county codes.
df_plotPlot data frame spatial objects.
find_chemical_codesPull active ingredient chemical codes from PUR Chemical...
find_countiesFind California county codes or names.
find_location_countyFind the county from an address or coordinate pair.
find_product_nameFind pesticide product names and registration numbers from...
plot_application_timeseriesPlot time series of active ingredients in applied pesticides.
plot_county_applicationPlot pesticide application by county.
plot_county_locationsPlot a county's location in California.
plot_exposurePlot exposure to applied pesticides at a location.
plot_locations_exposurePlot exposure for multiple locations in a county.
pull_clean_purPull cleaned PUR data by counties, years, and active...
pull_product_tablePull PUR Product Table.
pull_raw_purPull raw PUR data by counties and years.
pull_spdfPull California county SpatialPolygonsDataFrame.
purexposurepurexposure: A package for working with CA Pesticide Use...
spdf_to_dfConvert county SpatialPolygonsDataFrame to a tidy data frame.
tibble_to_vectorReturn a character vector from a tibble with one column.
write_exposureWrite exposure values for specified locations and dates in a...
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