Man pages for leonawicz/mapmate
Make Still Image Sequences For Data Animations

annualtemps2010-2099 global projected annual average temperature...
bathymetrySpatially aggregated example global bathymetry surface
bordersGlobal national political borders
do_projectionProject points onto globe
ffmpegMake video from still image sequence
gc_arcsGenerate a table of great circle arcs
gc_endpointsGenerate a table of location pair samples
gc_pathsGenerate a table of incremental great circle arc segments
get_lonlat_seqGenerate a sequence of coordinates
get_maObtain moving average map series
monthlytemps2010-2099 single map grid cell projected monthly average...
networkSimulated set of world cities locations and population-based...
pad_framesPad the end of list of data frames
project_to_hemisphereIdentidy visible points on an arbitrary global hemishpere...
runOrthoRun Shiny app example
save_mapSave maps to disk
save_seqSave a sequence of still images to disk
save_tsSave time series plots
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