Man pages for leonawicz/rtrek
Datasets and Functions Relating to Star Trek

rtrekrtrek: Star Trek datasets and related R functions.
stapiRetrieve Star Trek data from STAPI
stapiEntitiesStar Trek API entities.
stBooksStar Trek novel metadata.
st_book_seriesGo to Wikipedia entry for a specific book series
stBooksWPStar Trek novel metadata from Wikipedia.
st_datasetsAvailable datasets
st_fontPreview Star Trek fonts
stGeoRaster grid location data for stellar cartographic map tile...
stSpeciesSpecies names and avatars, linked primarily from Memory...
st_tilesReturn the url associated with a tile set
stTilesAvailable Star Trek map tile sets.
st_tiles_dataAncillary location data for map tiles
tile_coordsSimple CRS coordinates
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