Man pages for leonawicz/snapprep
Prepare And Curate Useful Data Sets From Raw SNAP Data

aws_uploadUpload data to Amazon Web Services
clim_dist_monthlyExtract climate data and compute distributions
clim_dist_seasonalCompute seasonal climate data spatial distributions
clim_inputs_tablePrepare inputs table for climate data extraction
clim_locsArrange climate by location and compute seasonals.
clim_locs_dec_allConsolidate decadal climate values for all point locations.
clim_locs_prepExtract climate values for point locations
clim_stats_ar5Compute climate statistics
save_poly_cellsSave rds files containing raster cell tables for polygons
snapdefA function that returns a list of SNAP defaults such as path...
snap_poly_listGenerate nested list of spatial polygons data frames
snapprepsnapprep: R functions for data prep and curation from raw...
split_monthly_filesSplit grouped monthly files into individual files
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