Man pages for leonawicz/snaputils
SNAP-Specific Utilities for Shiny Apps

brushed_tsFilter data frame based on plot brush
clim_convert_roundConvert units and round data
contactinfoWrapper around 'apputils::contactinfo'
dist_dataCompile a specialized data frame based on the 'rvtable'...
faqGenerate a SNAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) widget
samplesize_factorDivide sample size by a factor based on the number of RCP-GCM...
snapp_showcaseGenrate SNAP apps showcase content
snapp_titlesGet heading information related to SNAP Shiny apps
snapp_urlsGet urls related to SNAP Shiny apps
snap_resGet a snaputils resource path
snaputilssnaputils: SNAP-specific utilities for Shiny apps.
stat_boxesGenerate a set of stat boxes.
stat_boxes_groupGenerate a group of stat boxes sets.
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