Man pages for leonawicz/tabr
Music Notation Syntax, Manipulation, Analysis and Transcription in R

append_phrasesConcatenate and repeat
articulationsSingle note articulations and syntax
as_music_dfNoteworthy string to data frame
chord_arpeggiateArpeggiate a chord
chord_breakBroken chords
chord-compareRank, order and sort chords and notes
chord_defDefine chords
chord-filterExtract notes from chords
chord_invertChord inversion
chord_is_majorCheck if chords are major or minor
chord-mappingChord mapping
chordsChord constructors
chord_setGenerate a chord set
double-bracketDouble bracket methods for tabr classes
dyadConstruct a dyad
guitarChordsPredefined guitar chords
hpHammer ons and pull offs
intervalsInterval helpers
interval_semitonesInterval semitones
is_diatonicCheck if notes and chords are diatonic
keysKey signatures
lilypondSave score to LilyPond file
lp_chord_idLilyPond chord notation
lyricsCreate lyrics and check lyrics string validity
mainIntervalsMain musical intervals
midilyConvert MIDI to LilyPond file
miditabConvert MIDI to tablature
mode-helpersMode helpers
musicCreate music objects and check music string validity
music-helpersAccessing music object values and attributes
n_measuresSummarize rhythm and time of music objects
notateAdd text to music staff
note-checksBasic noteworthy string checks
note-coerceBasic noteworthy strings formatting and coercion helpers
note-equivalenceNote, pitch and chord equivalence
noteinfoNote info helpers
note-logicRelational operators for noteworthy class
note-metadataNoteworthy string metadata
note_ngramNote/chord n-gram
note_sliceSlice, sort, rotate, shift and arpeggiate notes
note-summariesNoteworthy string summaries
phraseCreate a musical phrase
phrase-checksPhrase validation and coercion
pipePipe operator
pitch_freqPitch conversions
pitch_seqCreate a sequence from pitch notation
plot_fretboardChord and fretboard diagram plots
plot_musicPlot sheet music snippet with LilyPond
read_midiRead, inspect and convert MIDI file contents
render_chordchartRender a chord chart with LilyPond
render_musicRender sheet music snippet with LilyPond
repeatsRepeat phrases
restCreate rests
scale_chordsDiatonic chords
scale-degScale degrees and mappings
scale-helpersScale helpers
scoreCreate a music score
sf_phraseCreate a musical phrase from string/fret combinations
simplify_phraseSimplify the LilyPond syntax of a phrase
single-bracketSingle bracket methods for tabr classes
string_unfoldFold and unfold strings
tabRender sheet music with LilyPond
tabrtabr: Music notation syntax, manipulation, analysis and...
tabr-cConcatenate for tabr classes
tabr-headHead and tail for tabr classes
tabr-lengthLength for tabr classes
tabr-methodsSummary of implemented S3 generic methods
tabr-repRepeat for tabr classes
tabr-revReverse for tabr classes
tabrSyntaxtabr syntax
tieTied notes
to_tabrMusic notation syntax converters
trackCreate a music track
trackbindBind track tables
transposeTranspose pitch
tuningsPredefined instrument tunings
valid-noteinfoCheck note info validity
valid-notesCheck note and chord validity
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