Man pages for leppott/baytrends033
Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis

addAdd Water-Quality Data
analysisOrganizeDataAnalysis Organization & Data Preparation
Arith-censoredArithmetic Methods for 'lcens', 'mcens', and 'qw' objects
as.character.lcensCharacter Representations to a Data Frame
as.doubleNumeric Representations
as.lcensLeft-censored Data Conversion
as.mcensMultiply-censored Data Conversion
as.qwWater-quality Data Conversion
baseDayBase Day
baseDay2decimalBase Day
baytrendsbaytrends: Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis
cCombine Values into a Vector
censoringDescribe Censoring
censorLevelsDescribe Censoring
censppProbability Plotting Positions
closeOutDocument Processing Time and Other Session Time
convert2qwWater-Quality Data
convertFqwWater-Quality Data
dataCensoredChesapeake Bay Program Monitoring Data, 1985-2015
detrended.flowCreate Seasonally Detrended Flow Data Set
detrended.salinityCreate Seasonally Detrended Salinty Data Set
dlimitImpute Detection Limits
eventProcessingEvent Processing
fillMissingFill Missing Values
filterWgtsCreate filter weights
flwAveragePredFlow Averaged Predictions
formatEncode in a Common Format
gamDiffCompute an estimate of difference based on GAM results
gamPlotDispPlot censored gam fits vs. time
gamTestPerform GAM analysis
getUSGSflowRetrieve USGS daily flow data in a wide format
importNWISqwWater-Quality Data
importQWWater-Quality Data
imputeLessThansImpute Censored Values
is.naMissing Values
layerLukupLayer List
lcens-classLeft-censored Data
lengthLength of an Object
loadDataLoad/Clean CSV and TXT Data File
loadExcelLoad/Clean Excel sheet
makeColNamesColumn Names
Math-censoredMathematical Transform Methods for 'lcens' objects
mcens-classMutliply-censored Data
mdlKMEstimate Statistics
mdlKMstatsEstimate Statistics
mean.qwArithmetic Mean
meanStatsArithmetic Mean
medianStatsMedian Value
na2missRecode Data
parameterListParameter List
print.censMCTPrint Results
print.censQuantilePrint Results
print.censRegPrint Results
print.censStatsPrint Results
printDataPrint Values
print.summary.censRegPrint Results
quantileSample Quantiles
qw2mcensConversion to class "mcens"
qw-classWater-quality Data
qwCoalesceReplace missing values
ratioCompute Ratios
rbindQWCombine Data by Rows
readNWQLdlHistorical Reporting Limits
residuals.censRegExtract Model Residuals
salSalinity data
saveDFSave R object to disk
sdlFillEstimate Statistics
seasAdjflowCreate Daily Seasonally-adjusted Log Flow Residuals
selectDataSelect data for analysis from a larger data frame
show-censoredShow Methods for 'WSqw' objects
sort.censoredSorting Vectors
splitQualSplit Leading Qualifiers
stationMasterListChesapeake Bay Program long-term tidal monitoring stations
strDisplay Structure
strip.blanksRemove Spaces
subsetSubset an Object
summarySummarize Data
summary.censRegSummarizing Linear Model Fits
usgsGagesUSGS Gages
vcov.censRegVariance-Covariance Matrix
ViewInvoke a Data Viewer
zeqPossible Equality
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