Man pages for leslie-huang/MApkg
Helper Functions for Sentiment Analysis of FARC negotiations

add_monthly_covariatesFunction to add covariate data to a dataframe
convert_fitted_dataConvert fitted data
extract_liwc_valuesFunction to get raw LIWC measures for a corpus of text
generate_base_actorFunction to generate a base graph by actor
generate_base_graphFunction to generate a base graph of sentiment
generate_binary_statesFunction to calculate binary sentiment level (low or high)
generate_graph_predictedFunction to generate a base graph by actor
generate_lead_stateFunction to create a new lead variable from an existing...
generate_statesFunction to coarsen sentiment data into binary states
graph_add_datesFunction to add major dates to a base graph
liwc_summary_statsFunction to generate summary statistics for a LIWC matrix
loess_linesFunction to generate loess lines from point estimates
loess_liwc_estimatesFunction to calculate loess point estimates of LIWC estimates
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