Man pages for lhmet/rinmetxls
Read Meteorological Data From Excel Files Distribuited By INMET

data_cleanBasic cleaning of data
data_tidyTidy data from Excel file
metadata_ffilenameParse AWS metadata from Excel file name
metadata_joinJoin metadata obtained from different sources
metadata_parseParse metadata from header in the Excel file
ncols_by_variableNumber of columns for each variable in data
pipePipe operator
str_distDistance between two strings
str_distinctExtract characters that differ between two strings
str_sanitizeSanitize strings by removing reserved and non portable...
varnames_possibleCollect all possible names in Excel data files
varnames_recodeRecode variable names
xls_findFind the pair of Excel files from a automatic weather station
xls_importImport, clean and tidy data from a Excel file
xls_readRead and select data
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