Man pages for likanzhan/acqr
Functions Helping You understand Statistics Easily

AnscombeAnscombe Insurance Analogy
help_consolePrinting R help files in the console or in knitr documents
IntAcMainDraw Interaction and/or Main effects between two factors
LatinSqrShow the Latin Square Experimental Design
MeanShiftMean Shift Outlier Model
pBFDraw Bayes Factor Based on the Alpha Level
pFPRFalse positive rate, Power, and Prior Odds
pPowerDraw Type I error, Type II error, Power, Cohen's D
R2LateXWrite an R file into a LateX file
RegCodDummy and Deviation Coding of two factors in lm
slptrDraw relations between two quantative variables and one...
StudResStudentized Residuals
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