Man pages for likanzhan/acqr
Functions Helping You understand Statistics Easily

AnscombeAnscombe Insurance Analogy
help_consolePrinting R help files in the console or in knitr documents
IntAcMainDraw Interaction and/or Main effects between two factors
Latin_Square_DesignShow the Latin Square Experimental Design
MeanShiftMean Shift Outlier Model
pBFDraw Bayes Factor Based on the Alpha Level
pFPRFalse positive rate, Power, and Prior Odds
pPowerDraw Type I error, Type II error, Power, Cohen's D
R2LateXWrite an R file into a LateX file
RegCodDummy and Deviation Coding of two factors in lm
slptrDraw relations between two quantative variables and one...
StudResStudentized Residuals
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