Man pages for lin-lab/CEPSKAT
Finding rare variant associations for extreme phenotype samples.

CEPSKAT-packageSNP-set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test for Continuous...
CEP_Theoretical_PowerTheoretical Power Calculation for CEP-SKAT
Get_BetasGet effect sizes for causal variants
Get_W_Beta_DistObtain beta weights
Make_All_Minor_AllelesMake genotype matrix have MAF<0.5
Sample_HaplotypesChoose random block of haplotypes for theoretical power
SKAT_Get_TruncatedNormalGet Truncated Normal MLEs
SKAT_Null_Model_CEPFit the Null model for CEP-SKAT
SKAT_TruncatedNormalCEP_Get_MomentGet moments of Truncated Normal Distribution
SKAT_TruncatedNormalCEPSolveSolve score equations for truncated normal
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