Man pages for lindbrook/cholera
Amend, Augment and Aid Analysis of John Snow's Cholera Data

addIndexCaseHighlight index case at 40 Broad Street.
addKernelDensityAdd 2D kernel density contours.
addLandmarksAdd landmarks.
addPlaguePitAdd plague pit (Marshall Street).
addSnowAdds Snow's Broad Street pump walking neighborhood.
addVoronoiAdd Voronoi cells.
addWalkingAdds walking path neighborhood(s).
addWhiteheadAdd Rev. Henry Whitehead's Broad Street pump neighborhood.
anchor.caseAnchor or base case of each stack of fatalities.
borderNumeric IDs of line segments that create the map's border...
caseLocatorLocate case by numerical ID.
cholera-packagecholera: amend, augment and aid analysis of John Snow's...
classifierAuditTest if observed case "belongs" to segment.
euclideanDistanceCompute the Euclidean distance between cases and/or pumps.
fatalitiesAmended Dodson and Tobler's cholera data.
fatalities.address"Unstacked" amended cholera data with address as unit of...
fatalities.unstacked"Unstacked" amended cholera fatalities data with fatality as...
fixFatalitiesFix apparent coding error in Dodson and Tobler's digitization...
nearestPathCompute shortest walking paths from case to pump.
nearestPumpCompute shortest walking path distance from case to pump.
neighborhoodDistancesCompute walking or Euclidean distances within pump...
neighborhoodVoronoiCompute Voronoi pump neighborhoods.
neighborhoodWalkingCompute walking path pump neighborhoods.
nodeDataCompute network graph of roads, cases and pumps.
ortho.projOrthogonal projection of observed cases onto road network.
ortho.proj.pumpOrthogonal projection of 13 original pumps.
ortho.proj.pump.vestryOrthogonal projection of the 14 pumps from the Vestry Report.
plague.pitPlague pit coordinates.
plot.classifier_auditPlot result of classifierAudit().
plot.euclidean_distancePlot the Euclidean distance between cases and/or pumps.
plot.time_seriesPlot aggregate time series data from Vestry report.
plot.voronoiPlot Voronoi neighborhoods.
plot.walkingPlot method for neighborhoodWalking().
plot.walking_distancePlot the walking distance between cases and/or pumps.
print.classifier_auditReturn result of classifierAudit().
print.euclidean_distanceSummary of euclideanDistance().
print.time_seriesPrint summary data for timeSeries().
print.voronoiPrint method for neighborhoodVoronoi().
print.walkingPrint method for neighborhoodWalking().
print.walking_distancePrint method for walkingDistance().
pump.caseList of the observed fatality "addresses" grouped by...
pumpCaseExtract numeric case IDs by neighborhood.
pumpDataCompute pump coordinates.
pumpLocatorLocate water pump by numerical ID.
pumpsDodson and Tobler's pump data with street name.
pumps.vestryVestry report pump data.
regular.cases"Expected" cases.
roadsDodson and Tobler's street data with appended road names.
road.segmentsDodson and Tobler's street data transformed into road...
roadSegmentsReshape roads data frame into road.segments data frame.
segmentLengthCompute length of road segment
segmentLocatorLocate road segment by ID.
sim.ortho.projOrthogonal projection of simulated "expected" cases onto road...
sim.pump.caseList of "simulated" fatalities grouped by walking-distance...
simulateFatalitiesGenerate simulated fatalities and their orthogonal...
snowColorsCreate a set of colors for pump neighborhoods.
snowMapPlot John Snow's cholera map.
snow.neighborhoodSnow neighborhood fatalities.
snowNeighborhoodData for plotting Snow's annotated neighborhood.
streetLengthCompute length of selected street.
streetNameLocatorLocate road by name.
streetNumberLocatorLocate road by numerical ID.
timeSeriesAggregate time series fatality data from the Vestry report.
unitMeterConvert nominal map distance to yards or meters.
unstackFatalitiesUnstack "stacks" in Snow's cholera map.
walkingDistanceCompute the shortest walking distance between cases and/or...
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