Man pages for lindbrook/packageRank
Computation and Visualization of Package Download Counts and Percentiles

anyTripletDetect small downloads triplets (prototype).
archivePackagesPackages in CRAN archive.
bioconductorDownloadsAnnual/monthly package downloads from Bioconductor.
bioconductorRankPackage download counts and rank percentiles.
blog.dataBlog post data.
campaignsFilter out A-Z campaigns (protoype).
checkPackageCheck for valid package names.
cleanLogPre-clean CRAN Logs.
clockTimeNominal time to clock time
countryDistributionTabulate package downloads by country.
countryPackageTabulate a country's package downloads.
countsRanksCounts v. Rank Percentiles for 'cholera' for First Week of...
cranDownloadsDaily package downloads from the RStudio CRAN mirror.
cranDownloadsBFiltered package downloads from the RStudio CRAN mirror...
cranFilterCountsCRAN Filter Counts.
cranLogGet Package Download Logs.
cranPackagesScrape CRAN package information.
downloadsCountryCompute Downloads by Country Code.
fetchCranLogFetch CRAN Logs.
fetchLogfread() to data.frame.
fixDate_2012Re-map filenames (dates) for 2012 download logs.
inflationPlotInflation plots of effects of "small" downloads and prior...
inflationPlot2Inflation plots of effects of "small" downloads on aggregate...
ipDownloadsUnique package download counts by IP address.
ipFilterIdentify IP's that are mirroring CRAN (prototype).
ipFilter0Identify IP's that are mirroring CRAN (standalone prototype).
ipFilter2Identify IP's that are mirroring CRAN (k-means standalone...
ipFilter3Identify IP's that are mirroring CRAN (k-means helper...
ipPackageTabulate an IP's package downloads (prototype).
monthlyLogGet CRAN logs for selected month.
packageArchiveScrape package data from Archive.
packageCountryPackage download counts by country.
packageCRANScrape package data from CRAN.
packageDistributionPackage Download Distribution.
packageFilterCountsPackage Filter Counts.
packageHistoryExtract package version history CRAN and Archive.
packageHistory0Scrape package version history CRAN and Archive.
packageLogGet Package Download Logs.
packageLog0Get Package Download Logs.
packageRankPackage download counts and rank percentiles.
packageSampleStratified random sample of packages.
packageSample2Stratified random sample of packages for versionPlot().
packageVersionPercentCompute data for versionPlot().
pairEntryExtract small downloads pairs (prototype).
pairIDDetect small downloads pairs (prototype).
pkgLogExtract Package Logs.
pkgLog0Extract Package Logs.
plot.bioconductorDownloadsPlot method for bioconductorDownloads().
plot.bioconductorRankPlot method for bioconductorRank().
plot.countryDistributionPlot to 10 package downloads by country domain.
plot.countsRanksPlot method for countsRanks().
plot.cranDownloadsPlot method for cranDownloads().
plot.cranFilterCountsPlot method for cranFilterCounts().
plotDownloadsCountryPlot Compute Downloads by Country Code.
plot.packageDistributionPlot method for packageDistribution().
plot.packageFilterCountsPlot method for packageFilterCounts().
plot.packageRankPlot method for packageRank().
plot.packageVersionPercentPlot method for packageVersionPercent().
plotTopCountryCodesPlot Top N Downloads by Country Code.
populationPlotVisualize a Package's Downloads Relative to "All" CRAN...
print.bioconductorDownloadsPrint method for bioconductorDownloads().
print.bioconductorRankPrint method for bioconductorRank().
print.cranDownloadsPrint method for cranDownloads().
print.packageDistributionPrint method for packageDistribution().
print.packageRankPrint method for packageRank().
resolveDateResolve date.
sequenceFilterFilter Downloads of sequential Versions (prototype).
smallFilterFilter out small downloads (hierachical cluster prototype...
smallFilter0Filter out small downloads (prototype).
summary.bioconductorDownloadsSummary method for bioconductorDownloads().
summary.bioconductorRankSummary method for bioconductorRank().
summary.cranDownloadsSummary method for cranDownloads().
summary.packageRankSummary method for packageRank().
topCountryCodesCompute Top N Downloads by Country Code.
tripletFilterFilter out small downloads triplets (prototype).
validatePackageCheck for valid package names.
validatePackage0Check for valid package names (scrape CRAN).
versionPlotVersion Plot.
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