Man pages for lingeringcode/tweetscoresmod
Tools for the Estimation of Ideology Scores with Twitter Data

CASimple (efficient) correspondence analysis
dictDictionary of user IDs and account creation dates
estimateDateBreaksEstimates dates in which a sample of followers created their...
estimateIdeologyEstimates ideology for a given Twitter user
estimateIdeology2Estimates ideology for a given Twitter user
estimatePastFollowersEstimates follower lists at any point in time
format.facebook.dateConverts from Facebook date format to R date format
formatTwDateConverts from Twitter date format to R date format
getCreatedReturns approximate date in which an account was created...
getFollowersReturns the list of user IDs that correspond to a given...
getFriendsReturns the list of user IDs a given Twitter user follows
getListReturns the list of users added to a Twitter list
getRetweetsReturns the list of user IDs that retweeted a specific tweet.
getStatusesDownloads tweets by their ID from REST API and saves to a...
getTimelineReturns up to 3,200 recent tweets from a given user
getUsersReturns user data for a vector of up to 100 Twitter user IDs...
getUsersBatchReturns user data for a vector of Twitter user IDs or...
plot.twideologyDisplays estimated ideology with other reference ideal points
posterior_samplesPosterior samples of ideology estimates for elites
refdataSummary ideology estimates for elites
refdataCAColumn coordinates from correspondence analysis
scrapeCongressDataScrape the social mediaaccounts of Members of US Congress
searchTweetsSearch recent tweets
searchUsersReturns list of users related to a search query
summary.twideologyDisplays summary of estimated ideology
supplementaryColumnsProjects additional columns (political accounts) to a latent...
supplementaryRowsProjects additional rows (users) to a latent ideological...
tracePlotDisplays trace plots of MCMC chains
tweetscores-packageTools for the estimation of ideology scores with Twitter data
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