Man pages for lionel-/gsim
Gorgeous manipulations of (posterior) simulations

as_matrixAssemble a list of vectors and matrices into a matrix
as_simsCoerce to a sims object
BernoulliBernoulli distribution wrappers
by_simMap a function simulation-wise
colwise-rowiseColwise and rowwise operations
defineDefine or redefine elements of a list
designAssemble variables into a (design) matrix
examplesExample datasets and models
gsim-packageGorgeous Simulations
mutate_.simsTransform simulations arrays
selectSelect/rename parameters
sims_arrayConstruct a simulations array object
sims-verbsVerbs for manipulating posterior simulations
stan-compatStan compatibility
storeCreate a list
summariesCompute summaries a quantity
summariseSummarise posterior distributions
to_sims_majorRearrange the dimensions of an MCMC array
vectorMake row vector
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