Man pages for llefebure/nba-stats
NBA Data

buildGenericURLBuild the URL for a generic data source
courtOutlineGet the coordinates of lines on the court
courtOutlinePlotPlot the outline of the court
draftHistoryDraft History Data
getEndpointParamsGet endpoint parameters to pass to 'getGenericData'
getGenericDataRetrieve a generic data source
getIDMappingsGet mappings from player name and team name to PlayerID and...
getPlayerTrackingDataRetrieve SportVU Player Tracking Data
launchAppLaunch an interactive user interface
memGetGenericDataMemoised version of getGenericData
memGetIDMappingsMemoised version of getIDMappings
playerInfo2016Player Info Data
rNBAAn R package for retrieving stats from the NBA.
searchEndpointsSearch for endpoints that can be passed to 'getGenericData'
searchIDMappingsSearch ID mappings
shotChartBuild a shot chart for a player
stephCurryShotsSteph Curry Shots Data
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