Man pages for ln1267/dWaSSI
dWaSSI-C model

daily2annualConvert daily data to annual (zoo)–
daily2monthlyConvert daily data to monthly (zoo)–
distHydroSimDistribution wrap of dWaSSI-C
dWaSSICParallel wrap of WaSSI-C model
f_2ncWrite a file to netcdf file
f_2rasterTransfering matrix/array to raster/brick
f_cal_WaSSICalculate WaSSI for each pixel function
f_corCalculate the correlation coefficient between two vectors
f_ET_SUNA SUN_ET function
f_lib_checkThis function allows you to check whether the required...
f_line_plotPlot annual mean line
f_mon2annual_arrayConvert a monthly array to a annual array
f_Parallel_setSetup up parallel using FORK
f_pastePaste by value one to one for two vectors, matrixes or arrays
f_plot_spPlot spatial data with overlap shpfile
f_sta_shp_ncZonal raster/brick based on a shapefile
f_trendTrend analysis using linear regression
f_WaSSIA f_WaSSI function
f_zonal_shp_ncZonal catergory raster file based on shp
hamonHamon Potential Evapotranspiration Equation
hru_lc_ratioZonal vegetation coverage for each Hru in dWaSSI-C
hru_zonalZonal a variable for each Hru in dWaSSI-C
multiplotmultiplot for ploting multi row and cols ggplot function
numberOfDaysThis function allows you to get the number of days for a...
sacSim_monSacremento Soil Moisture Accounting Model SAC-SMA
snowmeltSNOW Model
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