collapse = TRUE,
  comment = "#>",
  warning = FALSE,
  message = FALSE,
  echo = FALSE

The data in this table stems from our querying We update it every hour. See below for a description of each folder meaning.



standard_folders <- c(
  "pretest", "inspect", "recheck", "pending", "publish", "newbies", "waiting"

cran_raw <- cransays::take_snapshot()

cran_incoming <- cran_raw %>% 
  arrange(subfolder, howlongago) %>% 
  filter(subfolder != "archive") %>% 
    folder = ifelse(subfolder %in% standard_folders, subfolder, "human"),
    subfolder = ifelse(subfolder %in% standard_folders, NA, subfolder)

cran_incoming %>% 
  select(package, version, snapshot_time, folder, subfolder) %>% 
  arrange(package, version) %>% 
    paste0("cran-incoming-", format(Sys.time(), "%Y%m%dT%H%M"), ".csv"),
    row.names = FALSE,
    quote = FALSE

colours <- c(
  "pretest" = "#F8F3BA",
  "inspect" = "#F8F3BA",
  "human"   = "#F1D9A1",
  "recheck" = "#E5CADB",
  "publish" = "#A5D6C8"

cran_incoming %>% 
  dplyr::select(package, version, submission_time, folder, subfolder) %>% 
    columns = list(
      folder = colDef(style = function(value) {
        val <- as.character(value)
        if (val %in% names(colours)) {
          list(background = colours[[val]])
        } else {
      submission_time = colDef(cell = function(value, index) {
    filterable = TRUE,
    defaultPageSize = 50

CRAN review workflow

Your package will be stored in a different folder depending on its current state in the review process. The exact meaning of each folder is detailed in an article from the R Journal as well as in another article from the same journal:

This information is summarised in the following diagram by Hadley Wickham, available in the cran-stages Github repository:


Need help with your R package?

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