context("get Flights by aircraft from OpenSky Network API")

test_that("getOSNflightsByAircraft raise error if icao.24 is null", {
    expect_error(getOSNflightsByAircraft(login = "a login", password = "a password", icao24 = NULL),
                 '"icao24" cannot be NULL, value restricted to ICAO 24-bit address of the transponder in hex string representation. All letters need to be lower case"',
                 fixed = TRUE)
test_that("getOSNflightsByAircraft handle null input for 'password' or 'login' parameter", {
  expect_error(getOSNflightsByAircraft(login = NULL, password = NULL),
               'Valid "login" and/or "password" are required',
               fixed = TRUE)
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