UserApi: User operations

Description Usage Format Fields Methods






An object of class R6ClassGenerator of length 24.



Stores url path of the request.


Handles the client-server communication.


Set the user agent of the request.


all_user_access_filters Get All Access Filters

all_user_credentials_api3s Get All API 3 Credentials

all_user_credentials_embeds Get All Embedding Credentials

all_user_sessions Get All Web Login Sessions

all_users Get All Users

create_user Create User

create_user_access_filter Create Access Filter

create_user_credentials_api Create API Credential

create_user_credentials_api3 Create API 3 Credential

create_user_credentials_email Create Email/Password Credential

create_user_credentials_email_password_reset Create Password Reset Token

create_user_credentials_totp Create Two-Factor Credential

delete_user Delete User

delete_user_access_filter Delete Access Filter

delete_user_attribute_user_value Delete User Attribute User Value

delete_user_credentials_api Delete API Credential

delete_user_credentials_api3 Delete API 3 Credential

delete_user_credentials_email Delete Email/Password Credential

delete_user_credentials_embed Delete Embedding Credential

delete_user_credentials_google Delete Google Auth Credential

delete_user_credentials_ldap Delete LDAP Credential

delete_user_credentials_looker_openid Delete Looker OpenId Credential

delete_user_credentials_oidc Delete OIDC Auth Credential

delete_user_credentials_saml Delete Saml Auth Credential

delete_user_credentials_totp Delete Two-Factor Credential

delete_user_session Delete Web Login Session

me Get Current User

search_users Search Users

search_users_names Search User Names

set_user_attribute_user_value Set User Attribute User Value

set_user_roles Set User Roles

update_user Update User

update_user_access_filter Update Access Filter

update_user_credentials_email Update Email/Password Credential

user Get User by Id

user_access_filter Get Access Filter

user_attribute_user_values Get User Attribute Values

user_credentials_api Get API Credential

user_credentials_api3 Get API 3 Credential

user_credentials_email Get Email/Password Credential

user_credentials_embed Get Embedding Credential

user_credentials_google Get Google Auth Credential

user_credentials_ldap Get LDAP Credential

user_credentials_looker_openid Get Looker OpenId Credential

user_credentials_oidc Get OIDC Auth Credential

user_credentials_saml Get Saml Auth Credential

user_credentials_totp Get Two-Factor Credential

user_for_credential Get User by Credential Id

user_roles Get User Roles

user_session Get Web Login Session

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