Man pages for lorenzwalthert/assertr
Assertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines

assertRaises error if predicate is FALSE in any columns selected
assertrassertr: Assertive programming for R analysis pipeline.
assert_rowsRaises error if predicate is FALSE for any row after applying...
chaining_functionsChaining functions
col_concatConcatenate all columns of each row in data frame into a...
has_all_namesReturns TRUE if data.frame or list has specified names
in_setReturns TRUE if value in set
insistRaises error if dynamically created predicate is FALSE in any...
insist_rowsRaises error if dynamically created predicate is FALSE for...
is_uniqReturns TRUE where no elements appear more than once
maha_distComputes mahalanobis distance for each row of data frame
not_naReturns TRUE if value is not NA
num_row_NAsCounts number of NAs in each row
print.assertr_assert_errorPrinting assertr's assert errors
print.assertr_verify_errorPrinting assertr's verify errors
success_and_error_functionsSuccess and error functions
summary.assertr_assert_errorSummarizing assertr's assert errors
summary.assertr_verify_errorSummarizing assertr's verify errors
verifyRaises error if expression is FALSE anywhere
within_boundsCreates bounds checking predicate
within_n_madsReturn a function to create robust z-score checking predicate
within_n_sdsReturn a function to create z-score checking predicate
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