Man pages for lorenzwalthert/simplificar
A high-level API for ggplot2

abbreviate_classAbbreviate a class
drop_pkg_maskDrop the package mask
drop_unnamed_dotsExtracts dots and returns named elements
dummy_typesA dummy dataset
file_pathA file.path that drops NULL
generic_exportedGeneric data selection
gg_conversionsCommon conversions
merge_visMerge visualizations into one
mutate_ggMutate gg raw objects in a gg table
prefill_aesPrefill some aes arguments of a transformer
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
set_aesSet the aesthetics mapping
set_dots_distrSetting the dot argument depending on the geom used.
simplificar-packagesimplificar: A high-level API for ggplot2
time_stampCreate a time stamp with a name
transform_colsColumn transformer
update_aesOverride aes using the geom and class for user convenience
vars_from_quoSelect variables
vis_colsVisualize all columns
vis_distrPlot a distribution
vis_pointCreate a scatter plot
vis_to_fileCreate a visualization and save it to a file
vis_to_file_implVisualize to a file
width_height_from_aspect_ratioDefine the aspect ration and it's scale
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