Man pages for lorenzwalthert/teamtools
Tools to organize multiple git repos under a project and team umbrella

add_title_to_descAdding a title to a description
check_statusCheck a directory for uncomitted changes
check_unpushed_filesCheck a directory for unpushed changes
communicate_remoteCommunicate with a remote
drop_extDrop everything after the last extension character
find_repo_rootFind the root of a git repo
find_root_from_dirFind a root given a directory that must exist there
find_root_from_fileFind a root given a directory that must exist there
find_root_from_objectFind a root from an object
find_team_rootFind a team root
git_dirsGet all git directories under a team root
init_team_repoInit a teamtools repo
load_allSource a custom file - devtools::load_all() if the directory...
ls_projectsList all projects / repos under a team root
open_repoOpen an RStudio Project from a repository
read_and_markdown_description_filesRead descirption files from a project and convert them to...
read_description_fileRead a description file from a repo
read_description_filesRead all description files into a tabular format
read_local_descriptionRead a description file from a repo
read_repo_fileRead a file from a repo given a root file
read_team_configRead a team's configuration
set_null_toSet a null value to a default
structureHow to organize team work
team_check_statusCheck all repositories in a team for their git status
team_check_unpushedCheck all repositories in a team for unpushed commits
team_credentialsRead the team credentials
team_pullPush to or pull from all remote repos under a team
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