Man pages for lovetoken/useful.lovetoken
Useful functions for lovetoken

aapAll available portfolio
assess_rankRanking assess funds using returns xts dataset
bound_trimBound trim the sequence vector
descrDescribe dataset using psych::describe() function
efffEfficient Frontier
lt_colColor Palettes
midpointMidpoint values
missmap2Missingness Map after sampling
mmadjustAdjust min & max
openfdOpen the file or directory directly on R console
paste2Ignore NA paste function
prop_waffleWaffle chart (Add proportions)
psumReturns the parallel sum of the input values.
range01Range scaling 0 to 1
read_svfRead a separated values file before infrence encoding type
recent_weekdaySequence Date Generation (only Weekday) from recent day
recent_weekendSequence Date Generation (only Weekend) from recent day
regmatchMatch string using Regex patterns
renderingOpen files after rmarkdown::render()
rorAccounting rolling returns
ror_diffAccounting k diff returns
source.rmdCode run about .rmd
svf2rdaWrite .rda about separated values file
svf2rdsWrite .rds about separated values file
tmplotts and moving average plot for all fund items
which_approachwhich approach
which_duplicatedWhich duplicated all on data.frame
which_matrixwhich matrix
windowBandwidth indexing with Bound trim
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