Man pages for lucas9999/l.s

l.s.closest_valueno description
l.s.consecConsecutive elements in sequence
l.s.date_builderBuild date (not data!) from extracted elements in given...
l.s.date_diffCalculate difference between two Date vectors.
l.s.date_extract_elementsExtract element from Date type wector.
l.s.dup_fullAll duplicated row (albo first row in group)
l.s.eexport to excel usint
l.s.iimport data from excel using
l.s.is_work_free_dayIf day is work free. date Date vector
l.s.list_depthdetph of the list
l.s.list_namesGet names of objects in nested list. Data.frame is not...
l.s.metadata.bigDetailed metadata about data.frames
l.s.metadata.smallGlimps add potencial problems with data.frame.
l.s.moveColMove column in a data.frame.
l.s.n_th_wday_in_monthFind n-th week day in month.
l.s.num_work_free_daysNo description
l.s.packages_basicLoad set of basic packages. Recommendet to use before you...
l.s.polish_sign_removeReplacing polsich letters with normal letters.
l.s.round_excelround numbers like excel
l.s.samp_dateSample dates from given interval.
l.s.special_sign_removeReplace signs which are not allewed in names with 'replace'...
l.s.test_setCreating data.frame for testing functions purpose. It...
l.s.work_free_daysVector work free days (national and religious holidays only)...
l.s.wypelniaczInstead this function it is better (in the case of numbers)...
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