Man pages for lucasgodeiro/TextForecast
Regression Analysis and Forecasting Using Textual Data from a Time-Varying Dictionary

get_collocationsget_collocations function
get_termsget_terms function
get_wordsget_words function
hard_thresholdinghard thresholding
news_dataNews Data
optimal_alphasTitle optimal alphas function
optimal_factorsOptimal Factors
optimal_number_factorsoptimal number of factors function
optimal_xOptimal x
stock_dataStock Data
text_forecastText Forecast function
text_nowcasttext nowcast
tf_idftf-idf function
top_termsTop Terms Function
tv_dictionarytv dictionary function
tv_sentiment_indextv sentiment index function
tv_sentiment_index_all_coefsTV sentiment index using all positive and negative...
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