Man pages for lucasvenez/precintcon
Precipitation Intensity, Concentration and Anomaly Analysis

appAmount and Percentage of Precipitation
as.annualConverting to seasonal precipitation serie.
as.dailyConverting a data.frame to a daily precipitation serie
as.decadeConverting a precipitation serie to a decade serie
as.decilesDeciles of a precipitation serie
as.fdFrequency distribution of a precipitation serie
as.monthlyConvert a daily precipitation serie to a monthly serie
as.seasonalConverting to seasonal precipitation serie
ciConcentration Index
ci.per.yearConcentration Index per Year
cvCoefficient of Variance
dailyDaily precipitation between 1976 and 2010
ff.indexF factor
monthlyMonthly precipitation between 1950 and 1992.
pcdPrecipitation Concentration Degree
pciPrecipitation Concentration Index
pci.seasonalSeasonal Precipitation Concentration Index
pci.supraseasonalSupraseasonal Precipitation Concentration Index
pcpPrecipitation Concentration Period
pnPercentage of Normal
pplot.decilesPlot deciles
pplot.histogramPlot histogram
pplot.lorenzPlot Lorenz's curve
pplot.pcdPlot Precipitation Concentration Degree
pplot.pciPlot Precipitation Concentration Index
pplot.pcpPlot Precipitation Concentration Period per Year
pplot.pnPlot Percent of Normal
pplot.raiPlot Rainfall Anomaly Index
pplot.spiPlot Standardized Precipitation Index
precintconPrecipitation Intensity, Concentration and Anomaly Analysis
raiRainfall Anomaly Index
read.dataLoad a precipitation series
spiStandardized Precipitation Index
spi.per.yearStandardized Precipitation Index
statBasic statistics for precipitation datasets.
tiiTemporaly Irregularity Index
trend.testMann-Kendall Trend Test
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