Man pages for lucymerobinson/CCAMLRGIS
bridging R and the CCAMLR online GIS

ASD_dataASD data
CCAMLRGISCCAMLRGIS: An R package for loading and creating geographic...
Clip2CoastClip Polygons to the Antarctic coastline
Coastline_dataCoastline data
create_PolyGridsCreate a Polygon Grid that is compatible with CCAMLR online...
create_PolysCreate Polygons that are compatible with CCAMLR online GIS
DensifyDataDensify line or polygon data when projecting
EEZ_dataEEZ data
load_ASDsLoad CCAMLR Statistical Areas and Divisions
load_Coastlineload CCAMLR Coastline
load_EEZsLoad Exclusive Economic Zones
load_MAsLoad Other Fishery Management Areas Load Other Fishery...
load_MPAsload CCAMLR MPAs
load_RBsLoad CCAMLR Research Blocks
load_RefAreasLoad CCAMLR Reference Areas
load_SSMUsLoad CCAMLR Small Scale Management Units
MA_dataMA data
MPA_dataMPA data
RB_dataRB data
SSMU_dataSSMU data
SSRU_dataSSRU data
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