Man pages for luismurao/ntbox
From getting biodiversity data to evaluating species distribution models in a friendly GUI environment

clean_dupFunction to clean duplicated longitude and latitude data
confu_mat_optimFunction to find the cut-off threshold that optimizes the...
correlation_finderFunction to find out strong correlations in a correlation...
cov_centerFunction to compute the Minimum Volume covariance Matrix of...
ellipsoid_cluster_plot_3dFunction to plot clusters
ellipsoidfitFunction fit an ellipsoid model
mopMOP: Extrapolation risk analysis for model transfer
occs_historyFunction to visualize GIBIF data using googleVis
plot_outDetection of environmental values ouside the calibration area...
pROCPartial ROC calculation for Niche Models
rlayers_ntbFunction to read raster layers with the same extent and...
run_ntboxFunction to run NicheToolBox shinyApp
searh_gbif_dataFunction to search and download gbif data
trapozoid_rocTrapezoidal integration for Partial ROC curve
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