Man pages for lweicdsor/OSTSC
Over Sampling for Time Series Classification

ADASYNGenerate samples by ADASYN approach.
ADASYNBarGenerate samples by ADASYN approach.
ADASYNParaGenerate samples by ADASYN approach.
ADASYNParaBarGenerate samples by ADASYN approach.
Dataset_AdiacThe automatic diatoms identification.
Dataset_ECGThe Electrocardiogram dataset.
Dataset_ElectricalDevicesThe Electrical Devices dataset.
Dataset_HFTThe high frequency trading data.
Dataset_HFT300The high frequency trading data.
Dataset_MHEALTHMobile Health.
Dataset_Synthetic_ControlThe synthetically generated control charts.
ESPOGenerate samples by ESPO algorithm.
ESPOBarGenerate samples by ESPO algorithm.
ESPOParaGenerate samples by ESPO algorithm.
ESPOParaBarGenerate samples by ESPO algorithm.
FindRatioFind the distribution of the positive data.
FindRatioParaFind the distribution of the positive data.
OSTSCOver Sampling for Time Series Classification
ReguCovarGenerate samples by ESPO and ADASYN.
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